Gold Medal Winner – Speech and Language Category

Slpstorytellers is a dream come true for teachers and speech and language pathologists.

The Parent and Teacher Choice Award team evaluated their annual membership and were thrilled with all the materials we found inside.

Inside the very reasonably priced membership, there is a treasure trove of materials to make your job easier – photos, activities and digital downloads.

You’ll find over 100 articulation, reading stories, storybooks and complete activities to use with your students.

There’s a huge bonus for teachers too – if you’d like to white label the materials as your own, you can sell them, with full permission, on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers or even include them inside a book or other materials that you sell.

Plus, on SLP StoryTellers you will find a number of very helpful and engaging books, all of which have won our Parent and Teacher Choice Awards as well.

These include I am Not Sleeping, The Book of If and Bee, Honey Bunny and Me

Thumbs up for and our Parent and Teacher Choice team unanimously awards the Gold Medal to the website.

Parent and Teacher Choice Awards

Press Release

Denton, TX, September 04, 2023 –(– SLP Storytellers, the online provider of 150+ stories, activities, plus 1,000++ photos, art, images for teaching and speech/language pathology announced today that it had won’s 2020 Parent and Teacher Choice™ Award in the speech and language category for its website.

The Parent and Teacher Choice Awards from are among the most recognized international awards by both parents and teachers. Each year, the parent and teacher team judges the entries based on brain-based learning principles, creativity, innovation, and fun to honor products of exceptional quality and outstanding performance at home and in the school environment.

“We are thrilled that has recognized SLP Storytellers, which provides speech/language pathologists and teachers inexpensive and effective teaching materials from kindergarten to middle school level to achieve academic success,” said Lavelle Carlson, co-founder and CEO of SLP Storytellers.

As students, parents, and teachers have searched for less expensive and easier-to-use materials, the importance of online educational resources, like SLP Storytellers, have become necessary to support teachers, speech/language pathologists and, therefore, the learners. Furthermore, as speech/language pathologists and teachers have less time and money for material development companies like SLP Storytellers have become more important for cost-effectiveness, variety and quality, convenience and most of all, time-saving.

For more information on accessing cost-effective and success-oriented teaching materials, please visit SLPStorytellers,


SLP Storytellers
Lavelle Carlson