Thanks to How To Learn award for outstanding website for speech and language to SLP Storytellers, we are now extending this two book special beyond Back to School. Subscribe below for $25 and receive same value in two of our most popular books from Amazon (only in the U. S. & no shipping added) – Do Not Snuggle with a Puggle (Mom’s Choice Award) and EEK! I Hear a Squeak Coloring books (valued at $23.94 on Amazon). ENJOY! Before scrolling down to subscribe, check out some of the free downloads below.

Click on Cockatoo and blue-footed booby to download and color.

Click on Honey Bunny to download coloring page.

Sample photo downloads for subscription

Coati – Costa Rica

Coati – Costa Rica

Sample stories (Click on image to see sample): Read-the-Picture Stories for Articulation.

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Kathleen ElfersJuly 8, 2020 at 8:46 pm, Hi
The pictures you shared are AMAZING. The pictures would be so useful for so many activities. They grab your attention and peak your intrest. I could definitely see my students wanted to see, use, and talk about them during sessions.

Jennifer KlocekJuly 8, 2020 at 3:17 am, Hi! Personally I think they’re great! Especially in this new teletherapy day and age ?
I use ton of pictures every week in my sessions…mostly things I’ve done/seen over the weekend. People can organize them into categories/activities or even as visual supports, conversation starters, descriptions, possibilities are endless. Thanks for all your great resources and ideas!