The Book of IF for Children



Winner of Parent and Teacher Choice Award from, June 2019.

What would you do if your mom said, “Don’t play in the rain” and you thought she said, “Don’t play in the train”? The Book of IF for Children contains many hilarious misunderstandings in what the parents say and the children hear. It can be used by parents, early education teachers, reading teachers, and speech/language pathologists. It has additional rhyming images after the story to entertain and teach children at home, in car rides and wherever a parent needs to keep the children entertained. There is also an explanation on how to use the story.This read-aloud story is entertaining on trips, in classrooms and in the home. It also teaches rhyming and pre-reading skills to preschoolers through early elementary. With repeated readings the children (1) learn to listen for slight differences between words, (2) practice expressive language communication skills, and (3) develop a love of literature and language. The activities target the pre-reading skill of phonological awareness and rhyming. It is a great start and introduction to pre-reading.

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The Book of IF for Children


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