Read-the-Picture Stories for Articulation



Read-the-Picture Stories, by Jenny Loehr, is the Third Edition of a popular and staple training book with stories used by speech/language pathologists, reading teachers, paraprofessionals, classroom teachers and home-school parents. The 78 stories cover many early sounds that are addressed in articulation in the elementary and junior high schools. Included are the sounds and blends of /s/, /r/, /l/, /sh/, /th/, /ch/, /j/, /k/, /g/, and /f/. The stories are a great tie-in to literacy, language and reading goals. The stories were written and/or revised by Jenny Loehr. She is also the illustrator. The publisher has made some of the stories available as audio eBooks online to correspond to the stories in Read-the-Picture Stories. You can find these online eBooks along with other useful speech therapy and reading printable and pictures at If you prefer, you can download all the stories with flash cards as part of your subscription (Home page, click on Subscriptions to be taken to the page to pay and subscribe to download all the stories and access the audio interactive books). However, we give you the option to purchase the printed book at a reduced rate because it has over 400 pages to print the digital. However, the printed book does not have the flashcards that you receive as a part of your subscription.

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Read-the-Picture Stories for Articulation


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