Can A Toucan Hoot Too?



The Great Potoo? Kinkajou? Toucan? They are all fun animals for children to see. Just what can a toucan do? And, what can all the other rainforest animals do? There is so much to learn from animals in a storybook plus actual photos plus coloring pages. The best children’s early storybooks are written to entertain and to also provide educational skills that will help the children learn pre-literacy skills, animal facts, and environmental facts (rainforest). The children in Can a Toucan Hoot Too are searching for answers to just exactly “WHAT” a toucan can do. In the reading of the book the children learn more than information on toucans. They learn important easy literacy skills during repeated readings of the book. They learn rhyming, rainforest animals and other environmental animals. Can a Toucan Hoot Too? was written by a retired speech/language pathologist using research-tested methods for increasing early childhood reading skills. The children love to pester their grandfather about what a toucan can do until he finally, in exasperation, takes them through a pictorial rainforest. There they see and learn what many of the animals are and eat through the beautiful photography provided by Zara Palmer of the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica (501C). They also are able to color black/white pages provided by Donna Day Mathis. The author gives permission for these coloring pages to be copied. In the process of their search and that of the child listener, they also learn sound, phonemic awareness, and language skills that are prerequisites for early reading.  Be sure to download the 77 page workbook that is included with your subscription.

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Can A Toucan Hoot Too?


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