SLP Storytellers is allowing a one-week access to the interactive eBooks below so visitors to the site can see what they will get for their subscription to the website. With the subscription (click here) one will receive 78 downloadable Read-the-Pictures Stories for Articulation along with ongoing access to these eBooks + many more books and workbooks.

Your SLP audio/interactive eBooks are in alphabetical order below. Simply click on the name to open and use the eBooks online. To activate the audio click on an icon. For instance, if there is a start button, click on it. Then, have your student listen or read along with the audio until s/he arrives at the next targeted phoneme. This will be his/her practice word. Once s/he has repeated the word click on the icon to hear the audio until it stops for the next phoneme. These are best viewed using Chrome or Safari browsers. They will not display correctly when opened in Firefox. Enjoy!

The full set of Read-the-Picture-Stories for Articulation is available on this website with accompanying flashcards for download. If you prefer the print to digital download, you can purchase it on Amazon  or in our shop. However, no flashcards are in this full 78-book set on Amazon.

1 Sindar the Snake – eBook

2 Sonny’s Missing Sock – eBook

3 Sam’s Picnic Surprise – eBook

4 Sonny the Silly Seal – eBook

5 Silver – eBook

6 Solomon’s Day – eBook

7 Skippy the Squirrel – eBook

8 The Baseball – eBook

9 Blossom’s Bicycle – eBook

10 Spooky Ghost – eBook

11 Stuart the Skeleton

12 Sid the Squid – eBook

13 Rosco – eBook

14 Rabbit Song – eBook

15 Rolly the Rabbit – eBook

16 Roy and the Radish Farm – eBook

17 Rocky – eBook

18 Rex the Rhino – eBook

19 Peter and the Dragon – eBook

20 French Fries – eBook

21 Percy the Frog – eBook

22 Bert the Horse – eBook

23 Amber Loves Her Stripes – eBook

24 Marsha Makes a Mess – eBook

25 Lingo and Lynx – eBook

26 Litter by the Lake – eBook

27 Loading the Luggage – eBook

28 Lion the Lizard – eBook

29 Lucy’s Lesson – eBook

30 Lucy’s Lost Lemonade – eBook

31 Tadpole Fishing – eBook

32 Pearl – eBook

33 Ellen – eBook

34 Wally – eBook

35 Sailor’s Dream – eBook

36 Leslie Ballet – eBook

37 Shep – eBook

38 Charlotte – eBook

39 Shane – eBook

40 Shelby – eBook

41 Shore – eBook

42 Tall Ships and Gold Shillings – eBook

43 Thora’s Thinking Cap – eBook

44 Theo’s Thick Thumb – eBook

47 One Thursday Afternoon