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EEK! I Hear a Squeak and the Scurrying of Little Feet

Bee, Honey Bunny and Me

Bee, Honey Bunny and Me thanks Mom’s Choice

Bee, Honey Bunny and Me Readers’ Favorite Book Review – 5 star rating in all areas

Bee, Honey Bunny and Me

Is it just a dream? Does Baby Bunny  love or hate carrots? Are they Yucky or are they Yummy Carrots? Baby Bunny hates them then she loves them. What makes Baby Bunny change her mind when she hates carrots? How can the bees help to convince Leni? Bee, Honey Bunny and Me can also be purchased in our online store or on Amazon.

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I Am Not Sleeping – Free as download with subscription

This is one of the most comprehensive storybooks for teaching early verbiage AND English and Spanish! The story is presented in both English and then Spanish. The stories are then followed by 110+ English to Spanish verbs conjugated in future, progressive, and past tenses.

Hands-on Coloring activities facilitates memory!

Check out these coloring storybooks.

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EEK! I Hear a Squeak Coloring Book

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The Great Potoo and the Cockatoo

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Can a Toucan Hoot Too?

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Can A Toucan Hoot Too?

Can a Toucan Hoot Too? storybook, photo book, and coloring book by Lavelle Carlson is an excellent book for rhyming and phonemic awareness. A 66+ page workbook is also included with the subscription to this website. The children pester their grandfather to tell them about the toucan. Finally, he takes them through the rainforest to meet many animals. The story is followed by beautiful animal and bird photos provided by The Toucan Rescue Ranch of Costa Rica. Black and white coloring pages of all the animal photos are provided and can be copied with author’s permission.

Farting Four-Toed Troll

By Lavelle Carlson

Poop! Fart! These are the words that can be so embarrassing for parents and grandparents. And, it is certainly a headache for preschooler and early elementary teachers to try to instill the inappropriateness in their young students. Well, Farting Four-Toed Troll gives a great opportunity for parents and teachers to talk about these words in a way that is more appropriate. Introduce the book title and say, “Hmmm, should we say Farting Four-Toed Troll or Christmas Troll? I wonder how the Norwegian or Swedish troll would feel if we called him a farting troll”. You can also introduce manners during the reading of the book as the troll says, “Excuse me” after he lets off gas. Was there a mother troll who thanked him for using his manners? Always talk about kindness to children and different words that are “kind” words that make people feel good. 

EEK! I Hear a Squeak

EEK! I Hear a Squeak (or available for purchase on is a delightfully humorous book that is an excellent read to children as you try to get them to settle down for bed. It is a great book for teaching early literacy because it contains many of the components recommended by early literacy specialists; i.e. dialogue set in bubbles for print awareness, rhyming, colorful pictures, repetition and predictability, counting, and interactive dialogue for language development. It is a good book for introducing all the fairy tales with the count of three. The book has included black/white images for children to color – can be copied with permission of author. EEK! I Hear a Squeak was 2008 Award Recepient, Children’s Picture Book, Humor. You can purchase the softcover fully illustrated book or it is FREE with your subscription to NEW! 37 page workbook with additional coloring pages available with your subscription to EEK! I Hear a Squeak Activity book.

Other Books by Lavelle Carlson

I Am Not Sleeping (English and Spanish)

Galapagos Rules! Postcards from Poppies

Farting Four-Toed Troll

The Book of IF for Children (Amazon purchase). Also Available as download for Subscribers, click here.)

Dog Gone! Where Has My Dog Gone? (Amazon purchase) (Available as a download for Subscribers, click here.)

The Great Potoo and the Cockatoo Coloring Book – Or, get it as a download as part of your subscription

Research has shown that memory is facilitated by all hands-on activities including coloring. All children will delight in coloring this delightful story while helping the cockatoo find its way home. All the animals from Costa Rica through Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos to Australia will direct the cockatoo. Sometimes the cockatoo does not follow the directions to a “T” and goes out of his way. Luckily, he meets some wonderful animals who redirect him. As the children read (listen as adults read) they will see if he finally makes it home okay. Along the way the children will learn some fun facts about the animals they color as well as some rhyming. How exactly can the great potoo see the cockatoo if it keeps his eyes closed? Is there some secret to his ability to camouflage? This book can also be used by teachers and parents on teaching directions via a compass either on an iPhone or a regular compass. The book ends with a map of part of Central America in which the cockatoo flies to arrive at his home. This book can also be used by teachers and parents on teaching directions via a compass either on an iPhone or a regular compass. Purchase is on Amazon or download it as part of your subscription to

Book by Jenny Loehr

Read-the-Picture Stories for Articulation (Click for Amazon purchase) – Or, get it as a download as part of your subscription, click here.

Read-the-Picture Stories, by Jenny Loehr, is the Third Edition of a popular and staple training book with stories used by speech/language pathologists, reading teachers, paraprofessionals, classroom teachers and home-school parents. The 78 stories cover many early sounds that are addressed in articulation in the elementary and junior high schools. Included are the sounds and blends of /s/, /r/, /l/, /sh/, /th/, /ch/, /j/, /k/, /g/, and /f/. The stories are a great tie-in to literacy, language and reading goals. The stories were written and/or revised by Jenny Loehr. She is also the illustrator. The flashcards for each story are free with the subscription on this website. The site will continue to add stories and activities.