We hope you are finding many good books for speech and language therapy through our weekly blog posts. Per our weekly posts to inform practicing speech-language pathologists of books by other SLPs the book, How Does Bungee Feel?, is an excellent lift flap book for addressing emotions as well as many other speech and language goals. 

This book encourages pre-verbal language by the child to take a turn and “tell” the character something – in their own way by using a gesture, facial expression, or a word.

How does Bunjee Feel?” encourages responses with the phrase “You tell Bunjee ______” after models are given, using repetitive phrases and pauses. It is a simple story with relatable situations that evoke basic emotions in Bunjee, which cause her to change color. Models of actions are given, that toddlers and preschoolers can imitate, following Bunjee’s reactions. It also encourages participation by asking “What do you do when you’re ______________(emotion)” questions. (e.g., Bunjee jumps up and down when she’s happy. What do you do when you’re happy? Jump up and down! Jump! Jump! Jump!)
 “How Does Bunjee Feel?” uses speech therapy techniques to encourage responses: Modeling, Repetitive phrases, Pausing, and the phrase, “You tell Bunjee _________.”Little ones can learn about emotions, actions, and colors.“How” and “Wh” questions are posed following models to encourage participation.It introduces social-emotional learning.A simple, relatable story that can be used for many goals.It’s fun, engaging, and interactive with flaps.There is an element of surprise to see Bunjee react and change color as her emotion changes. 

Expressive language:

Imitate gestures, facial expressions, single words and phrases following models
Answer “How” and “Wh” questions following models
Label emotions, actions, and colors following models 

Receptive language:
Respond to questions by pointing or with a gesture, action, or facial expression
Follow simple one-step directions following models
Imitate models or actions.

Identify and express emotions with facial expressions
Express various reactions to feelings
SLP Author Book of the Week: How Does Bungee Feel?