Speech-language pathologists have the knowledge to write the best books for children to learn speech and language and pre-reading. Sometimes, we find humor in our experiences with the young children and then, a speech-language pathologist comes along to write a book to explain all.

How many times have you, as a SLP of early elementary students, been asked by other students, “When can I go to speech?” I was asked this question many times by one young kindergartner when I returned my speech students (with special stickers in their hands) to the classroom. I finally decided to give the kindergarten teacher a copy of Speech Class Rules – An Introduction to Speech Therapy for Children, by Ronda Wojcicki, so the other children would understand why some were going to speech but they were not.

Speech therapy is often a mystery for kids and adults alike.  It turns out many classroom teachers aren’t really sure what goes on in there either!  Enter Speech Class Rules – An Introduction to Speech Therapy for Children.  Follow Laney Lynn as she enters the unknown of speech class at her elementary school, makes unexpected friends, and finds out that it’s actually a lot of fun!  Ideally for K-grade 5, this heartwarming story is not only for students new to speech, but provides a story that our current speech kids can see themselves in.  Also perfect as an introductory lesson plan for first week of school or a student’s first speech session!

Areas covered:

1.  General introduction to speech therapy for new students.

2.  Story that speech students can relate to and see themselves succeeding/in a positive light.

3.  Ready to go lesson plan for first week of school as well as first session for any student.

4.  Discussion questions provide opportunity for speech students to share their experiences with peers in the general ed classroom and to be the stars of the story.

5.  Bonus:  educates teachers, other school staff and parents all about speech.

SLP Author Book, Speech Class Rules by Ronda M. Wojcicki