Life of a Retired SLP

Oh, the joys of being a speech/language pathologist. The children are wonderful. Buying expensive materials is not so much fun. BUT, the fun of developing materials for interactive learning is the best – watching the kids as they interact and learn through play.

What happens with all the materials a SLP has collected and developed (storybooks, activities, and art for the children) over the years? Well, others can make use of all at a very low cost and save so much time.

Here is a sample of all you get for the $25 subscription fee – 150+ stories and activities, 1,000++ photos/images/art is of a great value when purchased on Shutterstock. You have permission to use the photo stocks to develop your own materials to either use or sell. To subscribe click

  • Read the Picture Stories for Articulation contains 78 stories for articulation with flash cards, /s/, /sl/ blends, /r/, /r/ blends, /l/, /l/ blends, /sh/, /th/, /ch/, /j/, /k/, /g/, /f/: List all of these.
  • 43 Read the Picture Stories on interactive videos – children click on word and/or picture as they say the words and hear the words with the targeted sounds
  • Bee, Honey Bunny and Me workbook with food pictures
  • Bunny drawing activity
  • The Shiny Little White Egg is a Happy Spring, Easter, Summer, nature storybook and workbook (35 pages). The story is short and sweet and in color. It is followed by many reproducibles for activities to teach articulation, categorization, matching (same/different, syntax, following directions, sequencing, spatial/prepositional concepts (under/over, left/right, far/close), “where” questions, preliteracy activities (print awareness, phonemic awareness (rhyming) and more.
  • Rocks in My Socks and Rainbows Too fully illustrated book targets articulation /r/, comparatives, animal sounds, colors and more.
  • Monkey in the Tree Coloring Book is an excellent supplement to Brown Bear, Bear storybook lesson. Target receptive and expressive speech and simple sentences, animal identification, and rhyming.
  • HOO, HOO, HOO – Who is in My Tree is an interactive storybook for PreK – K. It targets early sounds with a Halloween theme. The animals and sounds are owl, bat, cat, ghost, monster, spider, and witch. Once the pages of the story are downloaded it is best to laminate and add Velcro dots for attaching the corresponding animals to the tree. Sing the story to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus”.
  • HOO, HOO, HOO – Who is in My Tree workbook with many reproducibles to accompany the storybook.
  • Happy Halloween Spider Maze goes well with HOO, HOO, HOO – Who is in My Tree is an excellent accompaniment to HOO, HOO, HOO – Who is in My Tree
  • Can a Toucan Hoot Too? is an excellent book for various sound productions as well as phonological awareness. This is three books in one (free with your subscription). It has a storybook, animal and bird descriptions and photos provided by the Toucan Rescue Ranch of Costa Rica, and it has coloring pages of all the animals and birds. 
  • Can a Toucan Hoot Too? Workbook with activities. The 77-page workbook gives research on phonemic awareness, reading, words for articulation as well as many black line drawings for activities. Words are listed by sound and activities for easy reference. There are also 8 color images that can be printed and posted together on the board as a rainforest mural for hands-on activities.
  • Lizard Loves Lollipops Coloring book. Practice /l/ phoneme with storybook and flashcard as the child colors and reads
  • Dog Gone! Where Has My Dog Gone? This is THREE books in one: storybook, activity book, AND coloring book. Use this interactive storybook to teach prepositions. The download includes 55 pages – the storybook + coloring pages + storybook pages without the characters with the cut-outs for placement on these pages for interactive teaching. Also included are flash cards for the various prepositions and some blank cards for the teacher to write the targeted preposition. 
  • EEK! I Hear a Squeak Coloring book is based on the award-winning children’s storybook by the same name. The difference is that all pages are in black and white for children to color. This is a great introduction to all the fairy tales that have to do with three characters – three mice, three bears, three billy goats gruff, and more. This is an excellent book for phonemic awareness lessons as the book is filled with minimal pairs and rhyming. 
  • EEK! I Hear a Squeak (in color) to be added soon
  • EEK! I Hear a Squeak Activity Guide – Included in the guide are targeted articulation and language goals as well as 9 additional coloring pages than what sin the storybook. 
  • Fat Cat Mat Storybook and workbook. Reading level 1 with word family “at”. It also introduces print awareness of words. Pre-K-Grade 1.
  • Three Brave Mice is a supplement to the award-winning book, EEK! I Hear a Squeak. It is a take-off on teaching the old fairy tales in the number of “three”. It is excellent for teaching feelings/adjectives; tired, brave, hungry, etc
  • Five Frogs on a Log– Loaded with repetitive phonemes /r/, /l/, /fl/. It also targets preposition – “Where is the frog?” Counting one to five is also taught.
  • Happy Halloween Spider Maze
  • Baby Bunny Bouncing is a delightful book that teaches the /b/ phoneme as well as colors. It is also great for teaching empathy for poor Baby Bunny who ran too fast and crashed into the barn.
  • The Great Potoo and the Cockatoo coloring book – Take a journey from Costa Rica through Peru and Ecuador and the Galapagos while the animals help the cockatoo find its way home to Australia. $9.99 To be added soon.
  • Galapagos Rules! Postcards from Poppies Learn the delightful animals in the Galapagos as Poppies tries to find the historical mailbox to send postcards to his grandchildren. The author uses actual photos so children can learn of the beautiful animals and Galapagos work to preserve the animals. To be added soon.
  • 1,000 photos, images, art that can be used for teaching/therapy and/or money-making product development – see samples below. Create coloring pages as below.
Retired speech/language pathologist giving 150+ stories, activities, photos/images/art for a small subscription!