Pictures and Photos for Teaching

Parents, Teachers, Speech/language Pathologists, authors, and Grandparents

How important are pictures for learning? Take a moment to think about how we as adults visualize when we are reading. We associate certain words with feelings, experiences, people, etc. All of this is built into our brains during the learning process as children and then adults. What is important is that learning is facilitated by actual words, pictures, and the activities associated with each. Therefore, when we are teaching children, it is important to ensure the greatest brain development by using as many modalities as possible. Using photo cards/photos and images in books alone is not as effective as using the photos/images plus reading in an expressive manner to the children. Furthermore, we can add an additional layer of brain development when reading by including physical activities.

SLP Storytellers provides visuals and printed hands-on activities for book extension activities. We now have over 125 stories and activities PLUS we have added close to ONE-THOUSAND (more to be added soon) photos/images/art for the low subscription price of $25. These photos/images come with no watermark so can be used in teaching, therapy, parents’ activities for children, AND best of all, the photos/images/art can be used to create paying materials for your website or to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

You can also use your favorite AI art app to convert the images to black/white for coloring for students or for YOUR coloring book. My favorite AI app for conversion is Pencil Photo Sketch on iPhone. I also use on my Mac the app, Photo Sketcher.

Register here for 125+ activities and stories PLUS the 1,000 (more to come art/photos) Click on Subscribe in the header and you are on your start to creating and making money off your products.

Here are a few examples of the art and photos you will be able to access with your low $25 subscription.

Note that the black/white above was created using Photo Sketcher.

A watercolor of a squirrel

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1,100 +++ Images/photos/art/storybooks/activities