This is a great interactive lesson for picky eaters and non-picky eaters. Download this interactive menu that includes food photos to cut out and glue in the child’s menu. This is a great way to learn about the foods that bees provide. There is a simple explanation on the back of the “pretend” menu on bees pollination. There is also a simple recipe for lemonade to help give children an appreciation of what bees give us – honey and lemons. There will be two items to download the first is the colorful menu that will be printed landscape. Then, there is the 8 page (print portraits and one-sided) with explanation and some of the yummy foods that are provided by bees. And, if you need more information, you can find it in the book, Bee, Honey Bunny and Me.

Click here for your child’s Menu Activity – Once it comes up do a “Save as” to your file.

Click here to download and print your worksheet and photos (portrait and one-sided) for the activities with the above menu.

Click here to access the photos for use in the menu activity above.

Free Bee Lesson with Interactive Menu and Pictures