My pillow knows

The pain of losing a grandmother

The pain of losing a mother.

My pillow knows

The pain of moving to a new home 

In search of a loving family.

My pillow knows

The demons running through your mind

When the anger cannot be controlled .

My pillow knows

The hurt when others call you a name

As the others laugh and point.

My pillow knows

The loneliness of standing alone on the playground

While others play and frolic around you.

My pillow knows

The humiliation you feel day in and day out

When your schoolwork is overwhelming.

My pillow knows

The ache of rumbling hunger in your stomach

As you watch others around you eat.

My pillow knows the fear 

When the fading light brings dreaded darkness

And only streetlight shadows are with you.

My pillow knows 

The absence of a soft caring hand to hold 

As you cross the busy noisy street.

One day I hope to open my pillow.

No longer see your pain.

No longer see your fear.

No longer see your loneliness.

That is my hope for you.

That is my hope for me.

That these will be replaced with

Kindness, light, food, friends, and loving family.

FREE – My Pillow Knows by Lavelle Carlson (Copyright 2019) – Dedicated to all the speech/language pathologists and educators who take the worries of their children home with them.