Dog Gone – Where Has My Dog Gone

We know that storybooks are full of activities for reaching speech and teaching goals. The best books are those with materials for interactive learning. Download the storybook/workbook/coloring book (part of your subscription), Dog Gone – Where Has My Dog Gone? This download has the full-color book (storybook only normally sells at Amazon for $10) as well as the workbook and coloring pages. Here are some of the goals:

Here are some of the goals to be addressed using the storybook, Dog Gone – Where Has My Dog Gone?:

Prepositions targeted in book:

  • In/out
  • Up/down
  • Above/below
  • In front/behind
  • On/off
  • Over/under

Phonemes repeated:

  • /d/ dog, ducks, doll, do
  • /b/ bunny
  • /sl/ sleeping
  • /l/ little
  • /g/ gone, go, girl
  • /s/ see
  • /b/ boy
  • /sh/ SHHH


  • Where


  • Go
  • Come
  • See
  • Jump

Check out these samples of a few of the pages for coloring. As a subscriber you have permission to copy these pages as often as you need for your children. If you have a subscription, click on the book image below to access the download. If you do NOT have a subscription for the 100+ downloadable books/workbooks/activities, click here.

Interactive Storybook Speech Goals