How many goals can one book fulfill for your young children. The book (ages 1-4), Baby Bunny Bouncing Ball is an excellent book for teaching the /b/ sound followed by many different vowels. It also includes rhyming, the crucial aspect of repetition, teaching colors and is a coloring book (with author’s permission to copy coloring pages). Baby Bunny Bouncing also lends itself to interactivity. How many more goals can be addressed in one short book.

Articulation /b/ followed by these vowels:

Articulation /b/ followed by these vowels sounds:

A. Articulation /b/ followed by these vowel sounds:

  1. Baby Baby long /e/

2. Bunny

3. Ball 

4. Bouncing 

5. Band 

6. Boo /b/ + oo 

B. Rhyming: Ball – fall – wall

C. Colors:

Use the pictures of the balls in the book for teaching colors; blue, brown, white, red.

D. Interactive Reading:

Baby Bunny Bouncing lends itself well to interactive reading.  This is such a crucial aspect of memory. Studies have shown that the more active a child is physically, the greater is the memory.

E. In addition to all of the above goals teach empathy. “Oh, no! Baby Bunny hit the wall. Baby Bunny had a fall. Poor Baby Bunny. Let’s put a band-aid on Baby Bunny.

F. Comprehension questions:

Was Baby Bunny running fast?

Was Baby Bunny bouncing high?

What happened when Baby Bunny ran fast?

Did it hurt Baby Bunny to run into the barn?

Have you run into anything when you ran fast?

Have you had a sore?

Did it hurt?

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Baby Bunny Bouncing Book Review for Therapy