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Book Review Written by Lavelle Carlsonnon-paid review

Secrets? Do children with hearing loss feel like others have secrets because they do not hear what others are saying and, therefore, do not have as many opportunities to participate in activities?  The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree accomplishes so much in this children’s storybook.

The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Treegives other children insights into what it is like to be deaf or hard-of-hearing. The two children, one deaf with a cochlear implant and hearing aids and the other “hearing” child, become fast friends. This begins when the “hearing” child curiously asks about the hearing aid. The other child explains everything in simple terms. This facilitates teaching children about hearing.

In The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree the child with the hearing aid teaches his new friend how to speak to him for increased understanding – speak slowly, face me for lip-reading, and more.

The “hearing” child learns to share with her new friend. She shares her notes with him if he does not understand. She listens to all around them so she can repeat it to her friend so he does not miss anything on the playground.

The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree explains to others how teachers can easily ensure that all children hear. The teacher arranges tables so the deaf child can read lips. The teacher uses other strategies to assist the hard-of-hearing child.

 The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree educates children about audiologist and speech/language pathologists. The adult readers gain as much knowledge about hearing loss as do the children.

More important than anything else children learn from The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree empathy and kindness and helping others. 

The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree by Angeliki Stamatopoulou-Pedersen